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None Piece is a series created by purpleeyeswtf, and currently has 4 episodes. Luffy is a pirate who goes on rampaging killing sprees for absolutely no reason.

While most One Piece parodies try to make Luffy's voice sound like it does in the anime purpleeyeswtf ignores that and does his own thing. LittleKuriboh enjoys the series and guest starred, in Pirates/Ninjas, as well as Captian Shanks in Episode 3.

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Pirates and or Ninjas02:53

Pirates and or Ninjas

Pirates and/or Ninjas

Pirates and or Ninjas aired on May 6, and LittleKuriboh guest starred.


purpleeyeswtf uses the traditional 4kids opening, although disliked by many One Piece fans. In episode 3, the word "give" is bleeped out. In episode 4, everytime the word "dreamin" was said, a clip of someone sleeping was shown.


The series has started off with a mostly positive outlook, as people saying: "The best one piece parody ever!" and such.

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